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Clients are raving about us!  Here is what a few have said:

"Susan shows us how to take the EGO out of work, and our lives, so we can create a more entrepreneurial culture that ignites enthusiasm and drives results!"
-John E. Schlifske, Chairman and CEO of Northwestern Mutual

“The tools and techniques show us how to get out of our way and change our approach so we can get what we ultimately want.”  
-Kim Sponem, CEO, Summit Credit Union

 “Susan shows us how to get our EGO out of work so we can get to work!”
-Scott Haag,  CEO and owner, Moore Oil Company
"Susan provides tools and approaches that can be truly transformative to individuals, teams, and entire companies.”
-Don Schlidt, President & CEO, Dedicated Computing

"Susan brings creative solutions to common problems and knows how to bring the team together to create progress!" 
-Dorothy Valentine, HR, Harley-Davidson